About Fixoclox

At Fixoclox, we specialize in the repair, restoration, buying and selling of Antique Military and Vintage Clocks. We are also your Ship's Bell Chelsea, Seth Thomas, Russian, M. Low Military/Marine Clock Repair and Restoration Headquaters. Your favorite antique or vintage timepiece broke. Now what? Maybe it was that perfect clock, or maybe it was an important family heirloom. Whatever the case may be, this timepiece is probably close to your heart, and no other timepiece can replace it.
Don't worry. All is not lost quite yet!!
At Fixoclox, we understand that every clock comes with its own unique story. We will restore and/or repair your timepiece with precise attention to detail and keep you informed every step of the way. Your timepiece is very important to us. Every clock we repair gets personal attention.

About Bill Marker

Bill Marker's interest in clocks started in High School with a clock and watch exploratory course that lasted 3 months. The highly noted and revered Henry B. Fried was one of the instructors there. Among Mr. Fried's numerous contributions to horology, he also taught High School Shop. After having served in the Navy, Bill wanted a wind up Navy clock, so he bought one, then two, then three... Pretty soon he was his own best customer and had amassed a lot of clocks. He then started to repair them himself. Fifteen years ago Bill met Harry Wysong, CMWM, Nino Gonzalas, CMCM, and Mark Headrick, CCM. Fixoclox's success is in large part due to their support and encouragement. Bill has  finished a Micro Lathe course at the NAWCC School of Horology. Noted Master Micro Machinist Jerry Keiffer was the instructor. All I can say is it was a privilege to be taught by such a gifted individual Google him and you will see for your self.

A Chelsea clock that looks like it went down with the ship

chelsea101 chelsea102

Here is the same movement after a trip to fixoclox