Frequently Asked Questions

How should I ship my clock?
Please ship your clock by priority or registered mail and insure it. Don't include the key. Over the years we found that, a loose key rattling in a package can do more harm than good. Keys are small and can slip out of small cracks in packages and they can get lost. At Fixoclox we have several master keys and will be able to wind and open any clock if necessary.
What is your turnaround time?
4 to 6 weeks taking into consideration the shipping time. If a major overhaul was done, it may take longer. I prefer to run these for at least 2 complete winds as the newer parts need to seat themselves and minor adjustments may be needed. You will be notified if that is the case.
How often should my clock be serviced?
This depends on the type of clock, it's quality and the environment the clock lives in. As a general rule, every2 to 5 years in a normal environment.
How can I obtain a proper fitting key for my clock?
We stock and sell keys for most clocks.
How do I pay for a clock purchase or servicing?
We accept Money Order, bank checks or personal checks. Personal checks need to clear before we can ship the item.
What is you warranty policy?
All timepieces and clocks SOLD on this site have been serviced and will keep proper time upon leaving fixoclox. A proper fitting key will also be provided. Some minor adjustment may have to be made due to shipping or other factors. Please do not hesitate to call. Our aim is that you be completely satisfied. All clocks serviced,restored or sold carry a 1 year parts and labor guarrantee. This applies as long as the clock has not been tampered with or abused. We are not responsible for items lost, damaged or broken in transit.